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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I discover a problem after hours?
You can count on emergency roof repair in San Diego 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Simply call the emergency leak service line at 760-745-9509.

What are the signs that my roof may need repairs?
The evidence of an aging or deteriorating roof can often be detected simply by going outside and looking up at your rooftop – no need to climb a ladder.
  • Asphalt shingle systems are typically the easiest material to evaluate from ground level. Curled up shingle edges and missing shingles are sure signs that repair work is needed. Mineral granules present in your gutter system or at the perimeter of your home can also serve as a strong indication that your shingles are becoming denuded and need to be replaced. Once the mineral granules have been stripped from your shingles, blistering and material breakdown will follow.
  • Indications that you need roof repair in San Diego for concrete tile systems may be a bit more difficult to perceive. Call us for an honest, accurate assessment. Tile discolorations and disruptions to the layout pattern will often suggest that attention is needed. Missing pieces should be easily observed from the ground – or if they have fallen from the rooftop and you see them in your yard.
  • The presence of leaks, watermarks on dry wall, and discolored bulging ceiling materials are also very strong indications that your roof is in need of professional attention, regardless of whether it is a shingle, tile or any other type of system.

How do you tell how severe the damage is?
An individual estimate for roof repair in San Diego must be performed for an individual property, and the severity of damage must be assessed by a professional roof contractor. Call us now. Even inordinate amounts of water leaking into your home can be the result of a single fractured or deteriorated panel, which is relatively easy to fix. Small leaks that you might assume to be insignificant may actually be signs of a disaster waiting to happen, such as saturated and sagging decking that is prone to collapse. This is why it is so important to take immediate action at the first signs of a problem.

What type of roof repair in San Diego do you perform?
Our team handles every type of residential roof remediation, from simple shingle replacements to full roofing system removal and replacement. We work with a variety of materials and have nearly two decades of experience repairing and replacing clay tiles, concrete tiles, asphalt shingles and single ply systems.

Do you offer any type of discounts?
If you are an active or retired member of the U.S. Armed Services, we will gladly extend a 5% discount for any roofing services that we provide. We are a patriotic and loyal roof contractor and believe in giving back to those who have risked their lives to give us so much.

What about maintenance?
The best way to avoid roofing system failure is to have regularly-scheduled maintenance performed. We recommend that you have us clean your rooftop and inspect it for damages at least once a year. Leaves, windblown debris and plant life can wreak havoc, and leave you vulnerable to material breakdown. If you have not had a professional contractor inspect your roofing system in the last year, call now to schedule an assessment.

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