Concrete Tile Roofing in San Diego

Installing concrete tile roofing in San Diego will give your home an elegant and appealing appearance. Built to last, and capable of withstanding some of the most severe weather and climate conditions, they are the longest-wearing residential roofing materials on the market. Call now for a new roof, a replacement, or for repairs.

Concrete tile roofing in San Diego is stylish, colorful and durable
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Style and Versatility
Concrete tile roofing in San Diego is available in a range of designs and colors that are sure to make your home distinctive. From classic terracotta barrels to flat shingle-shaped tiles that emulate wood shakes or slate, these roofing materials are sure to complement the architectural style of your property.
  • Concrete tiles come in a variety of dimensional shapes and sizes and hundreds of different colors
  • Colors and sizes can be mixed to give eye-catching architectural texture

Durable and Practical
If you are considering concrete tile roofing in San Diego, you will be pleased to learn that this material is not only stylish but also substantive. Roofing systems are installed in a manner that allows air to circulate between the tiles. This technique reduces heat transfer from the sun, which reduces the strain on your HVAC system. This can effectively and dramatically reduce your energy bills.

More Benefits of Concrete Tile Roofing in San Diego
  • Tiles are waterproof and fire resistant
  • They are typically installed with a minimum 50-year warranty, but can last for 100 years or more
  • They are wind-resistant and strong enough to withstand hail impact
  • They can often be installed over top of an existing system without having to remove it
  • Their very long life cycle makes them the most economical solution to your roofing needs

When you have concrete tile roofing in San Diego, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance (as with any other materials) to ensure that it remains intact and fully-functional.
  • Concrete tiles should be professionally power washed at least once a year to get rid of any debris that may have been deposited on it, or any algae that may have started to grow. Power washing will also help to revive the brilliance of the colors by eliminating any dust or residues that have dulled the surfaces.
  • Annual inspections provide the opportunity to survey the rooftop for any cracked, dislodged, or missing components. Concrete is incredibly durable, however, it is still susceptible to the forces of weathering and erosion.

You Can Confidently Choose Us
Installing concrete tile is one of our specialties, and so your satisfaction is guaranteed. We provide you with up-front and honest pricing, along with reliable customer service and steadfast dedication to finishing your installation project or roof repair on budget and on time.

Additionally, we know that in this day and age it isn’t always easy to have a group of strangers coming to your home to perform work. So, to provide you with greater peace of mind, we have adopted the practice of running background checks on each of our tradesmen and also conducting random drug testing. Providing you with the best possible service requires employing the best possible team of craftsmen. Count on it!

Our company is fully insured to handle any incidents or accidents that may occur, while your roofing installation or repairs are being performed.
  • We carry a General Liability policy of $6,000,000.00 to protect your property from any damage
  • We carry a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy of $2,000,000.00 in the case that any employees should be injured, while working on your property

If you are considering concrete roofing for your home, give us a call now. We can discuss the many design and color options available to you and schedule your free on-site estimate.

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We install, replace or repair concrete tile roofing in San Diego County. We also provide services in Imperial County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, & Los Angeles County.