Clay Tile Roof in San Diego

Investing in a clay tile roof in San Diego is one of the best ways to ensure that your home will be protected for years – up to 100 years! They are distinctively beautiful, thoroughly modern, and yet time tested. Natural ceramic roofing products have been in use for more than 6,000 years. You will have the most durable and reliable roofing material that man has ever discovered. Clad your home in clay tile: it’s proven, durable and elegant!

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The Natural Benefits of a Clay Tile Roof in San Diego
  • The tiles are recyclable
  • They neither emit noxious fumes nor leach harmful chemicals
  • They are naturally fire resistant, because the raw materials used to produce them must be heated to extremely high temperatures to harden (clay is fired at 1700° to 2300°F)
  • Ceramic pottery products are made of very basic – and natural – ingredients: clay and water. This simple, proven combination creates a long-wearing, dependable roofing product.

The durability of a clay tile roof in San Diego is unmatched. The material is 3 to 5 times stronger than any asphalt shingle, concrete, metal, or synthetic roofing. This is why you can enjoy warranties that range from 50 to 75 years, with a performance life that can reach 100 years.
  • A clay tile roof in San Diego is an energy barrier that prevents the heated or cooled air in your home from escaping
  • Your colors will not fade, because the pigments are mixed into the raw material and baked directly into the finished product
  • They will not degrade, deteriorate, curl or blister like other roofing products eventually will
  • Thousands of years of use are a testament to the effectiveness of this material. If you would like to learn more about the styles and color options available, call us now!

Many Colors – Many Styles
Ceramic roofing materials come in a vast array of stylish colors and designs. Classic barrel designs, such as those seen on many Mediterranean homes or traditional Spanish villas, can add a level of sophistication to the appearance of virtually any property. Flat tile designs that emulate the look of slate or give the appearance of old-world cottage shingles can be used to provide a traditional and timeless appearance to your home.

Do You Need Maintenance?
If your clay tile roof in San Diego is in need of maintenance, we are the roof contractor to call now. Our team of expert tradesmen is adept at performing all types of repair and replacement services on clay. If you have noticed any deficiencies, either in appearance or performance, do not hesitate to call.
  • Dark spots on your tiles could be indications of moss or algae growth, which must be removed
  • Missing tiles must be replaced immediately to prevent water infiltration
  • Cracked tiles, which may not be visible from ground level, must be replaced before they lead to further damage
  • If you have not had a licensed contractor inspect your roofing system in over a year, consider making an appointment to have us do so immediately. Many catastrophes can be avoided by simply scheduling regular inspections and maintenance services.
  • If you have noticed a leak of any kind, call us immediately. Our emergency leak hotline is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 760-745-9509.

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