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If your built up roof in San Diego is beginning to show signs of wear, address it immediately – especially if you know that the roofing system is reaching the end of its performance life. Get an expert opinion on whether replacement is necessary. It is often possible to revitalize a built up roof (BUR), with re-reroofing services or the application of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) in conjunction with an elastomeric coating.

The Most Common Problems with BUR Systems
  • Missing aggregate stones
  • Holes and abrasions
  • Blisters and buckles
  • Moss and algae growth
  • Growth of vegetation
  • Missing materials due to wind
  • Ponding water and inadequate drainage
  • Displaced and deteriorated flashing

You can opt to have a new BUR system installed, and then have it reinforced with SPF and an elastomeric coating. This will ensure that you get the maximum level of performance from your investment. Brand new reinforced BUR systems can last for many decades and even survive beyond our own lifetimes – with proper maintenance, of course.

Signs Your Built Up Roof In San Diego May Need To Be Replaced
  1. The decking is deteriorated and no longer provides a sturdy subsurface
  2. Reroofing procedures have been performed several times and the weight load of another service will be too excessive for the load bearing capacity of the building
  3. Moisture is present in the old BUR that will not dry out without being removed
  4. Local building codes mandate removal

A Second Opinion
If your built up roof in San Diego has been repaired repeatedly over a relatively short period of time, you may want to consider an inspection and assessment by one of our roofing professionals, other than the contractor that has been performing your repeated repairs. Consistent problems may be an indication that your current contractor is not doing his best work for you, or that he is not advising you of the full extent of the issues in your roofing system.

Compatible Products Are Essential
If repairs have been performed on your built up roof in San Diego using incompatible materials, the results would likely be less than favorable. BUR systems are constructed using either asphalt-based products or coal-tar based products. Repairs of built up systems should always be performed using compatible materials, which means: asphalt-based products should be used for asphalt-based systems, and coal-tar based products should be used for coal-tar based systems.

Don’t Know Your Material? Call Us
If you are unaware of the type of materials used for your BUR, and you are no longer in touch with the contractor that originally installed it, we can conduct a very simple test to determine whether your system is asphalt-based or coal-tar based materials. It’s as simple as submerging a small piece of membrane into a container of mineral spirits and giving it a good stir. If the membrane begins to dissolve and turns the mineral spirits brown quickly, it is an asphalt system.

Restoring Your Built Up Roof in San Diego
SPFs and elastomeric coatings can be used to restore your BUR and extend its performance life for decades. They are the most durable and popular materials available on the market today, and they can drastically reduce the expense of repairing and reroofing your existing BUR.

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