Foam Roof in San Diego

If you are considering a foam roof in San Diego for your commercial property, consider this: Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing systems provide additional insulation to your building and can reduce utility expenses by up to 20%. How is that for incentive? SPF systems will also bring your building into compliance with California’s Title 24 Code pertaining to Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

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Versatility and Effectiveness
The application of a foam roof in San Diego will solve a host of problems, if your current roofing system is beginning to show signs of wear. Cracks, leaks, and drafts are no match for this versatile material. SPF infiltrates even the most obscure defects, and then expands to 30 times its original size to form a complete seal.

Benefits of a Foam Roof In San Diego
  • Increases the interior comfort of your property by reducing the rooftop surface temperature. This reduces the amount of exterior heat that gets conducted into the attic, through duct work, and into other interior spaces
  • Saves on energy expenses by reducing the stress load on your building HVAC
  • Decreases the carbon footprint of your company by reducing air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and contributions to the heat island effect
  • Conserves the environment by reducing the amount of roofing waste that gets thrown into local landfills

Restoration of Metal Roofs
A foam roof in San Diego can be used to restore the performance of your outdated or damaged metal system. The expense of complete removal and replacement of a metal roofing system may be prohibitive to you. SPF materials are more economical and less labor intensive. They are more practical from a budgeting standpoint.

Restoring Your Metal System: the SPF Process
  1. The surface will be completely cleaned to remove any dirt, debris or grease
  2. Corroded or missing screws are replaced – the rest are simply tightened
  3. The seams and fasteners of the metal panels are sealed
  4. SPF is applied in multiple layers over the entire roofing surface
  5. The SPF is covered with an elastomeric coating that fortifies the structure and provides UV protection along with reflectivity
  6. The result is a foam roof in San Diego that will provide you with decades of dependable service

SPF and elastomeric coating combinations are the longest-lasting roofs on the market. They have no seams, and shield your property beneath a seamless layer of protection against the wind, rain and the sun. SPF systems are also lightweight but high density, so they are capable of withstanding the foot traffic that is necessary to perform regularly-scheduled maintenance procedures on rooftop equipment.
  • The most exciting aspect of SPF and elastomeric coating combination roofs is that they eventually pay for themselves through energy savings.

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