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The installation of a commercial replacement roof in San Diego can be performed without any major disruptions, when you work with an experienced roof contractor. Call us now. Your replacement project will be planned strategically, so that you can maintain your operation, while your new roof is being installed. Safety. Service. Superb results. Call now.

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A Strategic Approach
Planning is the key to your replacement roof in San Diego. Our strategy will ensure a successful reroofing project. You have found the right roof contractor to get your new system installed with little or no disruption. We handle BUR (built-up roofing); singly-ply; and asphalt shingle, as well as roof coatings.

The strategy and timetable depend on the current state of your existing roofing. For instance, if portions of the sheathing are beyond repair, they will need to be replaced. And, in instances where all of the sheathing is damaged, the entire underlayment will need to be re-laid.

If it is a complex project, there are ways to make the process both convenient and trouble-free:
  • The removal and replacement of your sheathing can be scheduled for a period of time when your business is closed, over a weekend, or during a holiday
  • The removal and replacement process can be orchestrated to allow you to shut down specific departments or portions of your building as the work begins and progresses, and then reopen as soon as possible.
  • The installation of your replacement roof in San Diego will go much more smoothly, once the sheathing has been dealt with. Following this crucial step, we will be able to perform the balance of the work with little disruption.

Consider Roof Coatings
A replacement roof in San Diego using all-new materials is not always necessary, if the underlying materials of your existing roofing system are in good enough shape. In many cases, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and elastomeric coatings can be used to refurbish old and moderately damaged roofing systems. SPF and elastomeric coating combinations are considered to be the strongest, longest lasting products on the contemporary roofing market.
  • They are versatile and adhere to a variety of materials including concrete, asphalt and gravel
  • The foam conforms to irregular shapes and penetrate into nooks and crannies that may not even be seen with the naked eye
  • The material effectively seals leaks and drafts as well as seams, pitch pans and other rooftop protrusions
  • They simplify maintenance services – dings or damage caused by walking on the surface, or any type of impact can usually be repaired with caulking
  • They provide added insulation to the property – SPF’s have an R-Value of 7.14 per inch of thickness and contribute to significant energy savings
  • They are lightweight and typically do not stress the load-bearing capacities of the buildings upon which they are applied
  • They are durable and will withstand many decades of use, when maintained properly

A New Roof and a Coating
Your replacement roof in San Diego can also be a “combination roof,” or a roofing system that is built with new materials and then reinforced with an SPF and elastomeric coating application. Reinforcing a new roof with SPF and an elastomeric coating will typically ensure that the new system will last throughout your lifetime – and even beyond.

There are many details and options to consider, when you are looking into a new commercial roofing system. We are the roof contractor to call to determine if your existing structure can be rejuvenated with SPF and an elastomeric coating. Call our trusted and experienced team now to discuss your options. The estimate is free, and your satisfaction is always our objective.

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