Do Your Roof Shingles Need To Be Replaced?

Roof shingles have a lifespan of anywhere between 15 and 50 years, depending on what they are composed of. As the performance life nears an end, they become less efficient at protecting your home from outdoor elements, such as sun, rain and wind. This may eventually lead to structural issues or damage. Many homeowners are unaware of the lifespan of their product, or of the signs to look for that they need to be replaced.

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Signs Shingles May Need To Be Replaced
Your roof should be examined every spring or summer to determine its condition and evaluate whether it needs repairs or if it needs to be replaced. Fixes or replacement may be needed if shingles are:
  • Missing or blown off
  • Blistering, bubbling or curled
  • Cracked or damaged
  • Mildewed or molded
  • Water damaged or water stained
  • Noticeably shrunken, exposing the deck or sheathing underneath

Repair versus Replacement
Once damage is noticed, roof shingles should be repaired or replaced quickly, to prevent further or more extensive damage. If you are unsure what’s best for your home, a qualified roof contractor can evaluate and make a recommendation based on your circumstances. Many homeowners face a decision on whether to fix the affected area or to have the entire surface replaced.

When facing this decision, there are many factors that should be evaluated and considered. They include the estimated lifespan of the covering and its current condition, the extent of damage, and the cost to repair versus replace. If the area is not far into its lifespan and only a small space has been impacted, it usually makes more sense to fix that area. However, if the material is old or not in good condition and a large portion needs repair, it makes more sense to redo the entire thing.

Different Types of Roof Shingles
There are different types available. Each has different advantages and disadvantages, which include price, lifespan, look, weather resistance, and maintenance. Discuss with your contractor the different types and their advantages. He will help you select the right one based on your needs, budget, local weather conditions, and aesthetic appeal. Materials include asphalt, fiberglass, composition, slate, cement or concrete, and wood.

The Replacement Process
Replacing roof shingles involves steps that can vary slightly depending on the product type you are using.
  • Stripping away the current shingles, flashing, and any waterproofing layer or membrane. This must be carefully done to ensure that the decking or sheathing is not damaged in the process. Removal is the most time-consuming step, as all nails and debris must be removed in order to ensure your working surface is clean.
  • Evaluating the structure for any damage. Your contractor will look at the deck and trusses to ensure they have not been damaged. If they have been, that will be addressed prior to proceeding.
  • Laying a waterproofing layer or membrane. Often called “felt”, this must be securely laid so that air is not under the surface and water cannot penetrate.
  • Securing the shingles. They are each nailed or glued into place by hand. They also must be properly spaced in order to be efficient and effective.
  • Installing the new flashing. Flashing is designed to keep water out of areas where it can easily penetrate cracks, such as corners or along chimneys. It must be properly placed so that it is fully functional.

The entire process requires a lot of experience, skill and knowledge to ensure that it is done correctly and efficiently. Even the DIY websites recommend that you use a professional contactor for roofing jobs.

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