What Elastomeric Roof Coatings Do For a Roof

Elastomeric roof coatings on a commercial building save money and energy. When the original materials need to be replaced, or repaired, the costs include labor, materials and haul away services. A coating is an alternative that can be used in lieu of laying new materials, cutting your costs. Additionally, it is more energy efficient than traditional roofing materials alone. You can save up to 30 percent on your monthly energy bill.

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What Are Elastomeric Roof Coatings?
They are a seamless roofing membrane that has elastic properties, allowing them to stretch during summer, and contract in the winter. No cracking, no exposed seams, no leaks! Because the surface is seamless, water is unable to penetrate, which can be a common issue with many roofing materials by themselves.

When Can You Use it?
Elastomeric roof coatings can be used on most commercial buildings. The product was originally designed to be used on sloped or slanted surfaces, however, there are many different products available today that have been developed specifically for flat roofing.

Advantages of Elastomeric Roof Coatings
  • Extends the lifespan of most roofing systems by 20 years or more. Depending on the weather and conditions, the lifespan can extend to 30 years, making this one of the cheapest options per lifecycle year.
  • Low maintenance. Once the coating has been applied there is little to no maintenance required.
  • Leak-free. This material is designed to be leak-free, even in downpours or when water puddles or pools on the surface.
  • A low-cost alternative to complete re-roofing. Because this can be placed over your existing cover, you save the labor and disposal costs that accompany a complete replacement project.
  • Improves building energy efficiency. Unlike traditional, dark-colored surfaces, elastomeric coatings are white in color. This causes them to reflect the sun and heat, resulting in lower energy bills for the building.
  • Elastomeric roof coatings are applied with little disruption to your operation. The installation process can be completed in half the time and with far less distraction than a traditional replacement project. No hammering or banging is required, meaning there is little interference with employees, customers or clients.

The Installation Process
Many things must be checked and completed in order for the product to work as it is intended. If the correct steps are not followed, the efficiency and lifespan may be significantly decreased.
  • The surface must be checked for structural damage, and to ensure that the sheathing and trusses are all fully intact. If there is structural damage, it must be fixed prior to installing this product.
  • Removal of old materials – occasionally. Depending on the type of materials already on the surface, and what they’re composed of, all or parts may need to be removed prior to application.
  • Spraying or painting the new surface. The product is in a liquid, paint-like form and can be applied like paint, brushed, rolled, or sprayed on. It quickly dries and turns into a rubber-like form. Our crews understand the need to work efficiently and to coat the surface evenly, so that the result is even. Uneven results can cause drainage problems.

Elastomeric roof coatings are an efficient and low-cost alternative to completely redoing a surface. However, it is only efficient when properly installed. This is why most people decide to use a roof contractor instead of having their maintenance staff attempt the work. This way they are assured the job is done right and their time and money are saved.

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